iPhone Demo Live!

Technology September 4th, 2007

There was an iPhone demonstration presented ‘live’! To me, that is… 🙂 I wasn’t on any camp with regards to the iPhone but have been a quiet listener to all comments – good and bad about the phone.

Well, yes, the battery is not removeable, and all the applications that you have is what they give you (excluding web apps, that is). But hey, this phone’s usability is really cool and it’s the user experience that Apple’s promising to give. At least it seemed to be bug free and seamless when I tried using it for myself. Everything was pretty intuitive and it doesn’t require many steps to achieve something – and I am saying this because I am a WM5 phone user.

What impressed me the most was the portray-landscape-portray automation when you turn the phone. It makes using the phone much simpler, and yes, it’s user experience again! 🙂

It might be a tad heavy, and the only worry that I have is whether it will slip off my hands and fingers; but I guess getting an anti-slip for this should solve the problem! Cool stuff!

And yes, you can see more here too! 🙂

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