The recent case about Cpl Teo going absent without official leave (AWOL) with the loaded SAR-21 rifle gives a grim reminder of what happened at Virginia Tech some time back, except that he didn’t or hadn’t started shooting people in the cineplex where he was arrested.

There are a few things that I can’t fantom. Firstly, he has one more month to go before he ORD. That means he can do (almost) anything he wants once he’s done his part. A free man, some would say. Well, almost free, if you consider the 10-year reservist cycle; and hence, the burning question in everyone’s mind is why he did it.

It was speculated that a failed relationship may have lead to his actions, and this pretty much reminded me of LTA X. LTA X was the officer who was bao toh’d * by 2Lt Li hong Yi in an incident not too long ago. Apparently, LTA X AWOL’d because of relationship problems, but that’s just a hearsay; but it does show that the human mind is weak where matters of the heart is concerned.

I was once a person who was ruled by my heart than my mind, and that many a times, landed me in, not just hot soup, but boiling soup akin to that of an erupting volcano. Badly scared emotionally and sometimes mentally and physically, I learnt the hard way and hardened my heart to a diamond. Yes, that’s an expensive heart.

Nowadays, as selfish as it sounds, I seldom get myself too emotionally attached where possible, because I am tired of being hurt and scarred and hurt all over again. Sometimes, I just feel that it’s not worth it. Emotions are intangible. They are not something that you can weigh, touch or hear. Whenever I got upset and tried to talk to someone about it, they could only tell me not to be sad and probably not be able to feel what I was feeling. I don’t blame anyone. Afterall, emotions are something that no one else can see.

Anyway… I think I am sounding too sorrowful. When I started this entry, it wasn’t meant to be like this. That’s the thing about blogging. Sometimes you start off blogging about something and it just gets waylaid midway. Heh heh. So, I’m just going to end off proving that girls are indeed evil. 😛

Girls = Time x Money

Time = Money

Money = Root(All Evil)

Therefore, Time = Money = Root(All Evil)

Hence, Girls = Time x Money = Time x Time = Time ^ 2 = [Root(All Evil)] ^ 2 = All Evil


PS: And oh, here’s a special plug to Arzhou, who happened to be able to proof that BitTorrent is evil, although a little unrelated 😛

* bao toh means to be exposed, or betrayed in colloquial terms

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