The recent finding from the sequencing of an individual has shown that there are more variants that we had first imagined in the human genome. While this shows that there is far more work that needs to be done, recognizing this would propel us forward, if we take it in the right manner. So, what are the possibilities if we are able to fully understand the genetic code one day?

Well, we might just be able to reconstruct a person from just a single DNA sample. After sequencing the DNA sample, we would be able to tell the colours of the eyes, the skin, the hair, the features… and possible the weight and height. If we are able to get a cell, we may be able to analyze the metabolomics and be able to use these metadata to aid in the reconstruction.

Given these advances, we will be able to reconstruct victims of crimes where they are disfigured beyond recognition. If we are able to get a sample of the assaulter, we will be able to reconstruct him as well. And oh, reconstructing a person here means doing it using imaging means and not really reconstructing a person. That might one day be possible but it will probably sound to far fetched to most people here.

And oh, just to add a last bit. When that day comes, the bio-ethics advisory better be functioning well, else if DNA data gets into the wrong hands, hell will, literally, break lose.

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