Execution of the kitties

Rants September 6th, 2007

The presence of my kittens have led to my eviction from my previous place of accommodation and has left me pretty much homeless. Currently putting up at my friend’s place, I am not sure when my presence will be frowned upon and if I have indeed outlived my welcome. Calls to home owners have also frowned at the idea of having cats in their house, let alone 3 cats; and a typical teleconversation goes this way:

Me: Hello? Is that Maria?

Maria: Yes this is…

Me: Hi, this is Jean, I read that you have a room for rent?

Maria: (excitedly) Yes yes! We have 1 common room for rent. 350, all inclusive! PUB, cable TV, aircon… but don’t use too often, har, newly furnished place… you’ll love it! When would you like to come down for a viewing?

Me: Wow! Sounds good! Erm, how about this evening?

Maria: This evening’s fine! Are you renting alone or with someone else?

Me: Erm.. alone… but I have 3 cats.. can I …

Maria: (interrupts) No cats! No cats!

Me: Oh, but they are only…

Maria: *hangs up phone*

Me: …. 11 weeks old….

Sigh… and this is repeated for the 1,584 people that I have called. Okay.. maybe it’s just about 160… but still, I am a little tired of calling and getting rejected. So, I am thinking of either:

  1. Bringing the kitties down to SPCA, which will probably ensure a painless and quick death
  2. Letting them roam the streets and let them get knocked down by cars
  3. Pass them to the next door neighbour with 2 german sheperds…

And because they are only 12 weeks old, they cannot be sterilized yet. Yup yup. I am feeling a little lost. 🙁

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