Fei-zai: Eh, siao eh….

Sor-zai: Simi lah?! I actually very clever, but you everyday siao eh this, siao eh that… see lah? Now my results also look a little siao liao! …. Simi dai ji? I’m damn hungry now… wua ai ke jiak liao

Fei-zai: Oh! Ho! I mah ai ke jiak… le ai jiak simi?

Sor-zai: Um zai leh… ai jiak kway teow mai?

Fei-zai: Kway teow? Market eh kway teow ah?

Sor-zai: Um si lah… school canteen mah wu kway teow? An juah ai ke market jiak kway teow? Still need to take bus out, then need to take bus back. Wua bo student concession, ok? Not like you…

Fei-zai: Oh… school canteen eh kway teow now wu surcharge liao….

Sor-zai: Huh? Simi surcharge?

Fei-zai: Wu… now you need to show your matric card… then hor, they scan your matric card to see how much lui you have to pay

Sor-zai: Si meh? Le mai pian wua la… where got this kind of dai ji one?

Fei-zai: Got… the drink store aunty gah wua gong one… now they see you first year, second year, third year or honours student… then you pay differently liao…

Sor-zai: Haha… le mai gah wua joke liao lah… where got such things… ? And how they know you honest or not?

Fei-zai: Um si honest… si honours… H-o-n-o-u-r-s… 4th year honours student

Sor-zai: Oh… say early mah… So, simi si jeh pay differently eh dai ji?

Fei-zai: The aunty say if you are first year student, then you pay same price – $2. Second year student pay $2.50. Third year student pay $3. Honours student pay $4.

Sor-wai: Wah! Mana wo jeh dai ji? Where got like that one?

Fei-zai: Ya lor. They think that it’s like primarily school students. The higher you go, the more allowance you get.

Sor-zai: Wah piang… like that ah? Ok la.. go out and eat lor. But still must pay bus fare leh. Still the same wat….

Fei-zai: Bo bian lor… aunty said ai jiak mai suah… cham liao la.. tonight must ask pa for more pocket money liao

Sor-zai: Eh… then Albert mah jia lat liao!

Fei-zai: An juah leh?

Sor-zai: Albert retain 3 semesters

Fei-zai: (^_^)”‘

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