Names you would want to avoid

Humour September 20th, 2007

Names that you would want to avoid naming your kids 😉 Got this in my mail this evening.

Paul Chan – Bankrupt
Anne Chang – Dirty
Faye Chen – Dusty
Anne Chin – Keep quiet
Henry Mah – Hate your mum
Jane Tan – Frying eggs
Nelson Tan – Bird laying eggs
Leslie Tong – Rubbish bin

Carl Cheng – Buttock
Monica Cheng – Touching your buttocks
Lucy Leow – You are dead
Suzie Leow – Lost till death
Lim Yew Lin – Drink urine
Lim Teh Peng – Drink iced tea
Danny See – Squeeze you to death
Corrine Tai – Poor fellow
Rosie Teng – Screws and nails
Carmen Tng – Leg hair long
Pete Tsai – Nose droppings

Connie Mah – Call your mother
Macy Koh – Never die before

Ed: Any similarity with any person’s name alive or dead is purely coincidental. This entry is not meant to mock anyone who happened to carry any of such names. If you are offended by this entry, kindly email the author of this blog to have this removed. Standard disclaimer and rights holds.

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