Everybody hates him…

Humour September 25th, 2007

Everybody hates him. The guys hate him, the girlfriends hate him. The wives hate him, and probably to a certain extent, some mothers hate him. For some, or a minute few, perhaps the father hates him as well, and almost definitely, the bosses hate him. But for now, what everyone is really concerned about it… who in the world is he? 

He is none other than the person below:

The SAF Mob Man

The whole island Straits Times defence correspondent is looking for the person who inspired the drawing above. I don’t think he’s my generation, so it’s quite unlikely that I’d know him. Moreover, I am not a Liew or Lien (did the journalist just make a joke out of the surname?), so if you happen to know the person who inspired the drawing, or the person below:

The Real Mob Man

Do drop the poor guy (David Boey) a mail at dboey@sph.com.sg or call 9438 0517, but please don’t give him prank calls. 😛 Having Singaporean guy friends and knowing what the mob is all about, sometimes I think the mob exercise is a little kay long in that… the guys already know if they will be activated… but I am not sure. Would anyone care to shed some light on this?

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