Oh well, I usually wake up from the wrong side of bed a few times a year… but today was extremely bad. So, when I apparently got a random feedback request from HP, I guess it was their unlucky day because, while the facts are not changed, the tone reflected my utmost unhappiness.

The service engineer who got back to me knew nothing about computers. My problem was about not being able to get into BIOS. He asked me to reinstall windows, following which, gave me a range of keys, e.g. F10, F8, F6, F2 to press during boot up in an attempt to get into the BIOS. Now that they have collected my notebook, I have got no idea what’s happened to it. I am extremely disappointed with HP’s level of service. I have had previous products and have been down to the service center previously. Never have I seen such disdained level of service. To add to this, my notebook was barely 1 week old.

The difference between how I’d have put it on a sunny day is probably something that is more subdued, more read-between-the-lines statements; but I’m utterly in the worst of my moods today and thus I didn’t mince my words a least bit. Then again, the level of service everywhere is getting from bad to worse, amidst raising prices. Bus fares, MRT fares, GST, chicken rice, duck rice, noodles, fast food…. Oh wait, fast food is shrinking… literally. The KFC chicken pieces I had at Funan shrunk almost to the size of drumlettes.

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. Hell hath no fury like a woman’s wrath.

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