I got an email interview on how I got to know about Nuffnang and what made me join them – to advertise on my blogs. It also entailed on whether this had made me more conscious of the type of audience that I was drawing, as well as whether it had affected the way I blog such that I would draw a larger audience so that my blog would have a higher chance of being selected by advertisers.

Actually, I am still not too sure on how the whole thing works, and while I was more conscious about visitor counts initially, I believed that, and Kevin asserted that, I would have my own natural group of readers at the end of the day. So, the most important thing that I have to consider is to be true to myself. =)

Of course, I do not deny the lure of the moola when I first signed up for blog advertisements, but subsequently, that sort of pale in the end because I find it hard to blog about things that I do not believe in, or have interests in. There had been many scandals events recently that were worthy of blogging, such as people who run around with a rifle, retiring at 85 and ,abuying an annuity, as well as the omnipresent Section 377A issue. However, if I have no time, or worse, interests in these issues, I find it hard to say anything constructive. I might even end up sounding like a record gone haywired. =(

Come to think of it, I *am* interested to blog about the CPF and annuity issues, but facts and fiction had been highly intermingled and I am losing track of it. So, instead of blogging based on wrong facts, I’d rather do my homework and get fiction out of the way. =) (So, what’s this thing about retiring at 85 anyway? Or was it 82?)

Nonetheless, if you are interested, here the transcript for my interview. =)

1) When did you join nuffnang?

Some time in June 2007

2) Why did you join nuffnang?

I was brought to the awareness of advertising on blogs during a gathering by Ping.sg. Ironically, it was from a presenter from Advertlets that made me aware of such an avenue. Nuffnang also had the endorsements of popular blogs such as Sassyjan.com and Xiaxue.com. The idea that earnings from advertisements would be able to cover all hosting costs for one year was quite appealling. Anythings that’s extra would be good.

3) What ads have been placed on your blogs and how much have you earned so far?

I have placed ads for Nike Women and Citibank Clear Card and would be placing ads for Nike Plus again in October as well as Clearsil in December. My total earnings to date has been a modest $xx.xx.

4) Why do you think companies would want to advertise on your blog? What kind of readers, and consequently advertisers, does your blog attracts?

Part of the reason would be becase of a rather decent readership count averaging between 3000 to 5000 readers a month, depending on the frequency of my updates as well as the general crowd my blog attracts. I would consider my blog to attract a general crowd, or a heartland crowd if I have to pinpoint to a group. I blog about issues that are relevant to Singaporeans on a whole. At times, I include bits of my life into the blog as well as some non-confidential findings in my work, but the peaks usually coincide with a blog on local issues.

5) What are the benefits of doing so, other than monetary incentives? (e.g. sense of pride? )

Well, there isn’t really “sense of pride” as per se, but rather, there is a sense of knowing what the general feel of Singaporeans are, towards local issues. At times, I would also be able to get an insight of how my readers feel and their perspectives when they do not agree with what I blogged about.

6) Any downside to it?

Bloggers are always subjected to criticisms openly. I try to be as objectives in my views where possible, and state otherwise if I am giving my personal opinion. As the blog is reader by a varied audience, it is not always to sing in the same note with everyone else. Sometimes, people may disagree with what you said, but most people back their views with their own perspectives and this, on the brighter side of things, lets you know how and why they feel about a particular issue.

Of course, this means that I cannot simply blabber off without basis on a wide range of issues that may end up being too politically wrong, or sensitive.

7) Has it changed the way you blog? For instance, do you write less personal stuff or do you write things that you think will attract more eyeballs? Do you worry that you may not get enough visitors?

It has made me more mindful of what I say and how I say it, and it has become a little more important to be more tactful nowadays – without compromising on the content. The same issue can be put across in more than 1 ways, and some can be subdued while others, provoking. I still write about personal stuffs on a regular basis – after all, that was the purpose of my blog in the first instance. I may be tempted to write about stuffs that will attract more attention, but surprisingly I do not find myself doing so simply because I some times lack the inspiration to do so. Writing is pretty much like art to me – if done without a will or inspiration, it just turns out wrong.

I worried about visitor counts at the start of advertising, but subsequently, as people are exposed to your writings, you get a natural crowd of people who like it. At the end of the day, the blog is just an avenue for expression for me and when I understand that, content becomes more important than visitor counts. Of course, if I get a sharp drop, then it becomes an indicator of something wrong that I could have mentioned. This, too, is a good form of feedback.

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