I’m not too sure if my views here are going to be a little biased, but yes, I think I’d give my 2 cents view about services on board Singapore Airlines.

The cabin crew on board SQ is usually blasted for favouring the Caucasians but my trip to Seoul seemed alright. Ok, perhaps there are no Caucasians on board, or maybe there were lesser of them, but I thought their level of service was fantastic. Fine, they forgot about my pack of playing cards, but on their next drinks round the leading steward remembered and offered it with another glass of Baileys on the rocks, which I was already finishing. So, the level of service isn’t really that bad afterall. Occasionally, they make small talk with you, which sorts of make flying more than 6 hours easier.

I thoroughly enjoyed the flight, especially with their inflight entertainment system. Just 2 rounds of Simpsons makes 45 minutes pass rather quickly. Admittedly, this is my first time flying SQ after 4 years because their pricing is rather out of range for my pockets (which I think Jaron also agrees, where he’s hoping for some discounts and concessions), but I don’t blame them because they are a commercial entity and they have their shareholders to answer to – it is a supply and demand game at the end of the day. The reason why I managed to fly SQ this time round is because they had some offer tickets for the morning flights, which I think isn’t really popular because no one likes to get up early in the morning for a flight. But I think it is better than an afternoon flight because you’ll lose a whole day on the plane.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience flying on SQ, perhaps more so than any other airlines that I have flown on. Perhaps, like I said, it could be due to the lack of Caucasians for me to see the difference. However, at the end of the day, if we treat them with respect, they will treat us well. It’s mutual, I guess.

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