KOR’07: Day 1

Travelogue October 18th, 2007

5:00am I barely slept enough during the night because I was worried about oversleeping and missing the flight. Oh well, for once I was hoping for a later flight… like sometime in the evening, but unfortunately, the 8am flight was my only option. Oh well, what to do?

6:00am Check-in at row 7 in Terminal 2… and got some duty free stuffs for my friends in Seoul. I usually make it a point to get something for my friends overseas, especially if they have not been to Singapore before. =) This time round, I got a crystal carving of the Merlion – which is a lion with a fish (mermaid?) body. I hope my friend likes it.

8:00am Boarding time! Woohoo! It’s not usual for me to fly Singapore Airlines because they are notoriously more expensive than any other airlines. So far, I had been flying Thai Airways because apparently their airfares are one of the cheapest. However, in exchange for this cheaper rate, I end up having to do a transfer at Bangkok and Hong Kong. The worst case is that, I have to bring all my stuffs down the plane at each place. =( 10:00am 2 hours into the flight. Time to fall asleep =P 

12:00am Lunch time! There was supposed to be a choice of chicken and fish, but chicken was… finished, and only fish was left. But the fish was good stuffs, so, there is probably nothing to complain about. I got my usual playing cards from the cabin crew, something that I do usually because I am quite a card collector (hint: now you know what to get for me the next time you go overseas). Watched The Simpsons, and 6th Sense on the plane, but didn’t quite get to finish that because the plane was about to land. 3:00pm (GMT +9 from now onwards) Finally landed and checked out of the airport. Proceeded to get my rental phone from SK (and since I was a repeat customer, they gave me a 50% off! Was that cool or what?) It’s 1500 won per day and some fee for outgoing calls. /incoming is free thought, and so are SMSes. After getting my phone, I got my bus ticket that goes to City Air Terminal, which is just next to COEX, a shopping mall which is also next to the Intercontinental Hotel and opposite Park Hyatt. Yes, these are the places that I can’t afford to stay at. =(

5:00pm Finally reached the place of accommodation after an hour’s ride on the bus. The place looks pretty much the same and I met all my familiar friends. I unpacked my stuffs and went for dinner at the usual place (wei xiao wu) in Apgujeong. Following which, I dropped by Dongdaemum to look around and to check out 2 open concerts – they always seem to have concerts every now and then at the stages there.

10:00pm Got some kimbab from the store down the street. It”s like sushi california rolls except that there is ham, pickles, cucumbers and all instead of raw fish. After a long flight, it was time to get a good rest for my appointment tomorrow.

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