KOR’07: Day 3

Travelogue October 19th, 2007

11:00am Got up early in the morning (yes, 11am is early when you are on a holiday, well, sort of a holiday) Met Joshua to discuss about cooperation between Singapore and Korea on Bioinformatics. Both of us are from the respective regional societies are we were meeting up for the first time to discuss about possible collaborations between the 2 countries. I am hopping for a milestone project to come around soon. We had initially planned to get some lunch from Insadong, but he was unable to find the place that he was looking for. In the end, we settle for some good old 1970s korean food tucked away in a little known place. =) Following that, we had coffee at Coffee Bean near Deoksugung where we discussed about singapore-Korean ties.

4:00pm Joshua had to return to Daejon for the day while I, well, went to Myeongdong to get more stuffs. Haha… yes, this was trip #2 to MyeongDong. I got some pants from there, which apparently went for a rather good price. Got some sweaters and coats as well because it’s usually hard to find them in Singapore, and even when you do, it’s usually rather expensive. Had ginseng chicken soup there, which hardly tasted anything near it. I guess they watered it too much such that it tastes a little like… chicken dipped in hot water. Oh well, for 10,000 won, I can’t expect too much, can I?

7:00pm Continued shopping in MyeongDong. Yes, when it comes to shopping, women can usually walk the distance of a 16km road much, in full battle order armed with bags of purchases and not complain about being tired at all. More walking entailed for the rest of the evening. But for once, I decided to retire a little earlier because tomorrow is weekend! And weekend means…. more shopping! Heh heh…

9:30pm Finally reached The Resting Place where I tried on the pants that I got. It was a perfect fit! Great! I’m going to get more tomorrow! Weeeeeee! And the top seems really good. Wished I can post some pictures up now… but oh well. =) The ginseng chicken soup turned out not to be too filling, so I had to get some instant noodles from the family mart downstairs. Thank goodness I got some spare chopsticks else I’d be eating with bare fingers!

The weather is rather cold outside @ 12 deg, if I am not wrong. Blankets! I need blankets! Sigh.. this is the only time that I miss Singapore… and oh, because it’s not winter yet, they do not turn on the floor heating. Argh!

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