Well, this is sort of a response blog to Sheylara’s post on how yellow lines make Singaporeans look stupid. If she’s talking about the yellow lines and arrows, yes, I tend to agree that no one seems to follow it in Singapore. Everyone will stand behind the bended lines until the train arrives, and everyone will just start crowding the door! This is just so silly.

But I do have to say that the line demarcating the edge of the station is really necessary, because people do fall into the tracks accidentally; especially when they stand too close to the edge – the speed on the incoming train may make a person feel giddy, if it doesn’t really blow him away. =P

And the difference between the subway in Singapore and Seoul? Well, Seoul has those familiar yellow lines demarcating the edges of the station, but instead of the yellow lines and arrows, they have cute little footprints – 4 pairs, 2 on each side where the doors are supposed to be, and people automatically queue up behind the footprint stickers! Maybe some photos to proof my point later. The thing is, most of them don’t crowd the train doors when they open. Sometimes, I wonder too, why SMRT bothers to print those yellow lines and arrows when all people do when the train arrives is to clog at the door.

In addition, some people walks right to the front of the door while people are queueing by the sides. These people probably have no sense of shame – and I am not talking about preggy women or the elderly who always ended up getting pushed behind. I am talking about healthy young chaps, and people who run into the train literally when the doors open. I wonder what happened to their manners, if there were any at all in the first place.


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