KOR’07: Day 4

Travelogue October 21st, 2007

Day 4 is a particularly lazy day because everyone starts late! Heh heh. I didn’t wake up till 11am in the morning and had to drag myself out of bed and into the wilderness open.

12:00pm Dragged myself out of bed into the open. Took train down to Gangnam Station and looked for Kyobo bookstore. Got 2 maps and lotsa books from there! Heh heh. Went on to Dos Tacos for lunch. They serve fantastic Mexican snacks/food. But it’s hidden in a corner where you’d have to look carefully to find it. Clue: It’s not too far from Kyobo building in Gangnam. Just look out for it.

I ordered 1 Hard Taco and a Cheese and Salsa nachos. It was heavenly! Woohoo! The drinks were nice and so were the lady boss and her hubby, who is the owner of the place. Took some pictures and was supposed to send it to her. =)

2:00pm Got down to going to Lotte World. I’ve been in Seoul for so long and so many times but this is the first time that I am heading down to Lotte World. If you go after 5pm, you pay about 5000 won lesser and probably another price after 7pm. There are “General Passes” and “Full/Special Passes”, that allows you 3-5 free rides and unlimited rides respectively. Take the latter one if you are not sure. =) Saves you quite a fair bit of hussle.

Once inside there are 2 parts – inner and outer themes. Hint: The roller coaster is located inside and is called the French Revolution. I hard a hard time looking for that. The others are quite common – Viking, free drops, rotating cups, etc. You are probably survive with the General Pass, but I’d still suggest the other one because you can get to go into the Folk Museum. =) Food is generally a little more expensive inside but it’s not too much a difference.

And if you like Walt Disney (as in Disneyland), there is a small mock up version of it outside, so you can take some pictures with it in the background. Really nice, really beautiful. =) And oh, I met an Indian family and their Korean is much better than mine! Talk about Klobalization (Korea + Globalization).

9:00pm Yes! It was 9pm by the time I left Lotte. Haha… spent about 5 hours there including the ending show. It was worth it if you ask me, but I’d probably go there just once unless I bring kids along next time. The next thing to try would be Everland… heh heh 😉

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