KOR’07: Day 5

Travelogue October 21st, 2007

Whee! Brand new day! Brand new Looooooooong day! Sigh. Woke up at 8am again for another appointment. Oh well, was hoping that I could get more things done today, but apparently I didn’t. Not everyday is Sunday, ya?

8:30am Dragged myself out of bed, washed up and went out for my appointment. Yes, I seem to have many appointments ya? Which is why this trip is really not so much of a leisure trip. =( Thankfully the trip ended early and I managed to explore the area a little.

By the time I was done, it was almost 11:30am, which meant that MacDonald’s was serving lunch. I tried their spicy foldover and my verdict is – DON’T TRY!!! The patty is a little overdone and too dry, and is nowhere as soft as Singapore’s. The drinks and everything else is ok though. And oh, some branches serve plastic cups… that are not meant to be taken home. Heh heh. And you have to clear your own tables else you will be stopped at the door and ordered to do a lot of CWOs.

Okie, was just kidding about the CWOs, but please do clear your own trays and tables. =)

Following which, I went to look for the Hard Rock Cafe shop because the actual cafe will only be ready next year in Itaewon. This is the familiar Radish place that people usually go to to get chop. Ok. Maybe it’s not that bad, but a few bad experiences from the locals thinking that I am an ang-mo or ABC is bad enough. I won’t entirely recommend this place, but if you do go there, please keep your wallet close to you. No, they wouldn’t rob you. They’d just make you part with your money willingly because it’d seem like you are getting a good deal. Then again, this is my personal opinion and the whole lot of them are usually not bad apples.

4:30pm Guess where I went to? Did I hear Itaewon? Yes, you are right! Haha… talk about warning others not to go there. Actually I did nothing more than just getting souveniers for some friends. The prices of such stuffs are pretty standard and it doesn’t really matter if you get it from MyeongDong, Dongdaemun or Itaewon. It generally doesn’t cost you more than US$20 to get enough gifts for 8 people, but I generally try to get something better. Heh heh. 😉

7:00pm Went to Yongsan to get my daily groceries. There’s an e-Mart megamart there that sells supermarket stuffs. If you are adventurous enough, you can actually go to B2 and take a tour of duty to try all their sample foods and drinks. They are usually more than happy to let you try them out since:

  • the food/drinks are already cooked/prepared
  • no one will buy them if no one tried them
  • it keeps them busy for a while

And they are really friendly people so you can actually try the food/drinks without worrying about them pulling a long face that you are not getting any stuffs. It is also a good place for getting contraband stuffs chewing gum, but please finish them before landing in Singapore. The fine for non-compliance is up to S$5000 fine or 6 months jail or 4 strokes caning or any or all of the above. So, do consider carefully before smuggling them in.

8:00pm After getting all my groceries and contrabands, it’s time to hit the mountains! Mt. Namsam, that it. It’s the hill where the N Seoul Tower is located. It’s about 3 hours walk up by foot but is easily accessible by cable car from somewhere 15 minutes away from MyeongDong or via bus 02 from Chungmuro Station. You can use your T-Money card to pay for the bus up and it’s 700 won if I didn’t remember wrongly. It’s slightly colder up there, but you can get a significant view from the tower.

There is a food court located at the towe and the food is reasonably priced – pretty much like that of the foodcourt in Seoul city area itself. The Katsu is nice if you like fried stuffs. And the soup is just as great. Kimchi and pickles are freeflow, so do help them to yourselves.

There is a dessert place just outside/upstairs of the foodcourt but I have not been there before. There is also another restaurant located just beside the foodcourt, but I didn’t fancy eating out in the cold. I think it doubles up as a bar too. If you want to go up the observatory, it’d set you back by about 7000 won, meals excluded. There are 2 restaurants up in the tower, and you may opt to dine there.

Once up there, you may see countries/cities engraved onto the glass. I think they are just stickers stuck onto the glass but I didn’t check it out because I have vertigo. There’s also a lion made of rubber tire shreds, if you are keen to know. It reminds me of the Singaporean lion. Haha… roar!

The place closes at about 1030pm, which was the time that I stayed to. They will then herd everyone off from the observatory. Do time your stay if you decided to appreciate the sky view longer.

Once out of the tower, you have 2 ways down – by foot or bus. You may take bus 02 to return to Chungmuro/Dongguk station or 03 to return to Itaewon. There is a cable car station too with a small family restaurant next to the station. I have walked past it before but never really tried it. If you do decide to try it, do let me know if it’s a nice place 😉

11:00pm After a long day… it’s home sweet home again! Woohoo….. zzzzzz….. DMZ tomorrow! Woot! Woot!

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