KOR’07: Day 7

Travelogue October 21st, 2007

Day 7! That’s the day that I return to Singapore! I am looking forward to it because it’s Singapore Airlines!

11:00am Damn! I am late again! Better pack my stuffs quickly! 

1:30pm Okie. Got to City Air Terminal on time to get the bus to Incheon Airport. I think I am really late. =( I think I’d reach at about 2:45pm, which is really too late! =( Let’s hope there are no more delays. =(

3:30pm Okie. Got stuck at the luggage check-in as expected. =( My luggage? A hefty 46kg! That’s almost as heavy as me! Haha.. I wonder how I managed it. The person behind the counter said that even if they were to give me the full 25kg allowance, I am still 21 kg overloaded. So I end up having to pay for some overweight luggage. Thank goodness they charged me for 15kg instead og the full 21 kg. =) So that worked out to be about 170,000+ won. Sigh. Heartache. See lah! All those who ask me to buy things back… better split the bill with me =P

4:45pm Plane about to take off. Oh wait, all electronics are supposed to be off…

9:00pm About to land in Singapore. I have watched The Simpsons Movie 4 times, 2 episodes of The Simpsons series, Sixth Sense, 2 Harry Potters, 1 Licence to Wed and something else. Time really seems to fly when you have an entertainment system on board. And oh yes, Wenddy Goh, leading flight stewardess from SQ is really hospitable. She even asked if I needed some children’s souveniours for my kids! So nice right! If only Singapore Airlines have more of cabin crew like her! Kudos to you, Wenddy! (Yes, it’s double ‘d’). And I also met a steward who was doing his 4th (and last) SNY. Hope he’ll enjoy his flying career!

11:00pm Wines, checked! Alcohol, checked! Perfumes, checked! Luggage, check! Okie! Time to go home! Hey, where in the bl**dy h*ll is Ryan??? Missing again?! With my cats?!?!

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