The Section 377A poll

Singapore October 22nd, 2007

Yes, this is another Section 377A poll. I think there had been many – some say there are more supporters for 377A, some say there are less, some say others say that gays should be shot. So, here’s the grand poll of polls. =) Do you seriously think Section 377A should be repealed? And the poll comes with reasons as well, so it’s not just Yes/No. Do feel free to drop me an email if you think there could be other reasons. =)

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  1. DK | October 22nd, 2007 at 3:07 pm

    There is actually another reason which I think alot of people falls into that group. Because their religion says its wrong for a man to be with a man.

  2. Simply Jean | October 22nd, 2007 at 3:15 pm

    @DK: Ah yes… forgot about that. =P

  3. xizor2000 | October 22nd, 2007 at 4:43 pm

    My friend Jimmy dislike evangelizing Christians very much. When I asked him last night at dinner about this matter, he said as a matter-of-fact, he would sign for Keep377A. (I am not making this up but I am not sharing his views here since I did not ask his permission to.)

    Anyway, I am convinced that not all who stood for Keep377A do so on the matter of religion, or that they are homophobic. I am quite sure many made their decision after giving it some serious thoughts and they have their own concerns. From discussing with some people, some of these reasons include:

    1) Will repealing of 377A be the last of it? What’s next? Same sex marriage and adoption? Who will give society the assurance that this will be last that society will have to give? You might ask what is there to fear from that, but before that, what assurance is there for them NOT to fear?

    2) Will repealing of 377A see an increase in a form of ‘prostitution’ that caters to this need? (I know it’s mere conjecture to bring up this point and it might not necessarily happen, but if – big if – it does happen, who will bear responsibility for the problem? Even before that, who can assure those who are for keeping 377A that it won’t happen?)

    3) Related to pt. 2, not everyone who has male-male sexual relations are homosexuals. There are also bi-sexuals involved. And there are also those who are into perverted forms of sexual pleasures. Was this taken into consideration? Unless this is addressed, no one can fault those who felt repulsed by this to stand for keeping 377A, right? After all, aren’t laws in place just to prevent bad eggs from running rampant? (And I am in no way suggesting homosexuals are bad eggs or perverts!!)

    4) Some people choose to keep the status quo are concerned that they do not have complete picture of the matter to make a decision. They are concerned that if they have made a decision now, that decision may not be revoked later if their decision is later proven to be made on incomplete or erroneous information. You might want to tell these people to sit on the fence instead but they choose not to do so for fear their non-participation may create the same result as with deciding for the wrong side.

    You may choose not to agree with the reasons some among the Keep377a side has chosen, but I hope you would at least look at them with an open mind.

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