Apparently, according to sources, Ryan owed some webhosting “a big outstanding payment”, which is probably relative, since “big” is very subjective. Quoting the source (Necroist, a forummer from SGWHT):

Ryan Lin is a customer of mine, and we’ve been trying to get hold of him for the past 3 weeks. He hasn’t been on MSN, his phone is on voicemail, his e-mails unchecked.

He has a big outstanding payment with us. From what I understand he is also part of TheDigitalMovement ( We’re unable to reach anybody from that group as well. If anybody have any information on his whereabouts, do inform me.

More details can be found at Frankly, I _don’t think_ Ryan will run away from paying webhosting costs and there’s no proof to say that he’s running away from it, since he supposedly earn $150/hr for his work, which I genuinely believe (does anyone know how much he is charging his clients? Sebestien? Yolk? … ok, Yolk doesn’t read here).

Erm, apparently, the informant is “not able to reach anybody from that group (TheDigitalMovement)”. Oh? I thought TDM has a catch-all address or at least someone is checking the email? But nevermind, that’s another matter.

However, I do find all the coincidences strange. Now I am trying to find out if Necroist is hosting Ryan’s website, which could explain why is down. Hmm…

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