Miss my cats…

Rants October 26th, 2007

I miss my cats horribly. If Ryan has disappeared irresponsibly, I hope he is dead now. He can’t just disappear like this. He better be either seriously ill or be 1/2 dead for not letting us know where he is. I don’t care about him now. I just want my kittens back. =(

My 3 Little Darlings

My litte kittens are young, innocent and trusting. In fact, everyone says Mac (the on with patch) is the most affectionate of them all. Why must Ryan disappear with the cats? He doesn’t have enough cat food or cat litter to last them for 2 weeks! I think they are all dead now.

Why Ryan? Why must you do this to me and the cats? The cats are innocent. If you have to run away or disappear, why can’t you just give Alice or myself a call? You are a bastard, Ryan! You are a damn bastard! I hope you will get your just desserts!

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