Sometimes, when I look at the side panel of my blog, I wondered if I shoud place Advertlets on top or Nuffnang on top? It’s really a hard decision because I kind of know who they are (spoke to Ming, but listened to Josh’s presentation, but it was also from Josh’s decision that I wanted to know more about Nuffnang) and in a certain way, but income are more or less the same (although now I’d be receiving less from Nuffnang because I have dropped from Band 6/Band 10 to Band 1, and also less from Advertlets – but I do not know how they count).


I was getting pretty good income from Advertlets during the Li Hong Yi Season because traffic was apparently much higher (about 18,000 hits in that month of July 2007), but I didn’t really benefit much from the traffic because I placed a poll from Advertlets instead of real ads, thinking that Advertlets function somewhat the same way as Nuffnang – that you get selected to place ads instead of having running ads. Oh well, I got a couple of bucks at the end of the day but traffic was really just trailing off.

What I am interested is if bloggers really put this into consideration when they position their ads, or if even Ming or Josh has any comments on this? I would think it would be an every man for his own situation, but I won’t know for sure.

Well, for once, there is going to be a slight change for a while on the side panel. Do watch out for it! 😉

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