Apparently, there was a delay when I reached Raffles Place MRT from Boon Lay. I didn’t quite know anything about that because the journey from Boon Lay was apparently smooth. However, when I got down from the train at Raffles Place MRT, the entire place was so crowded! It seemed as if people were just going to be jam packed at the station platform.

Jam @ Raffles Place MRT Station

Then there was an announcement saying that train services have resumed, and I overheard some people commenting that train services had been halted for quite some time. Soon after, there was an announcement saying that there is a special train service at Platform A, and suddenly, everyone started rushing to the other side of the platform!

“Attention all passengers, the train approaching Platform A is a special service to Jurong East via Woodlands. The train will be doing to Jurong East via Dhoby Ghaut, Orchard, Ang Mo Kio and Woodlands all the way to Jurong East. This is a special train service. If you are heading to Pasir Ris, please wait for the next passenger train. Attention all passengers, the train approaching Platform A is a special service to Jurong East…”

– Station Announcer

Wow! It seemed like everyone knew where Platform A is in an instance. Well, perhaps most of them having been taking the train from Raffles Place… but then again, who takes note of the Platform alphabet? Hmm…

Jam @ Raffles Place MRT Station, Platform A

Soon after, the “special train” service arrived at Platform A, where it normally goes to Pasir Ris. The train was empty and everyone rushed in – pretty much like kiasu Singaporeans! Haha… well, I was *ahem* just a little kiasu… kiasu enough to get a seat, but I realised that I now have a problem of getting off at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station! Argh!

And oh, at City Hall, someone from outside started banging something and asked people inside to move in. I think what they didn’t notice for once is that, it is really jam packed inside, as you can see.

Jam @ Raffles Place MRT Station, In The Train

I think that guy also mentioned something about Singaporeans being Kayu… but what has not moving into the center of the train got to do with being Kayu? Hmm… soon after, sensing that people are just going to stand in between the train and the platform, the train captain announced for the people to take the next train if it is not possible to board this train.

“Attention all passengers, if you are unable to board this train, please wait for the next passenger train. Thank you.”

Train Captain

Nearing my stop at Dhboy Ghaut, someone seated got up and started to move to the train doors – hence leading a path. Quickly, I got up and followed closely behind, else I’d really be stuck in this sardine packed trained. I hope no one jumped onto the tracks again because of the recent property crash due to the stopping of the Deferred Payment Scheme.

Life’s really unpredictable sometimes. Anyway, I believe that the papers will not publicise whatever bad that may have happened along the North South line, and I quiet agree with that. Glorification, in a certain manner, of someone’s actions may always bring about copy cats in an attempt to get similar responses from the public – and this is not really healthy if there are more people who happened to be in the same scenario as the initiator. I really hope nothing bad happened.

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