I was waiting for my pack of Shihlin Taiwan Snack’s XXL Chicken at The Cathay when I overheard someone apparently from NUS asking the auntie at that Shihlin store if she (or they) would be interested to have a store at NUS where there would be “huge traffic” and that “people are familiar with Shihlin XXL chicken” and that “people would love Shihlin XXL chicken over other chickens”. Oh well, I might have paraphrased some of these, so please don’t quote me on that.

Shihlin XXL Chicken Snack

At first thought, I was wondering why they didn’t go to the website directly to apply to be a franchisee… and I realised how stupid I am. They (the students?) need someone to run the business, and not themselves and hence they need someone else (like a current franchisee?) to apply to NUS for it.

Personally, I won’t mind having a Shihlin store at my own school (no, I am not from NUS, not yet anyway) although I am quite sure that the Western Food Store auntie won’t be too happy about it. (oops!) My personal opinion about the chicken is that, it had changed quite a fair bit – from being very nice at first instance to being a little too salty (too much MSG?) for a long time, to being just about there. I remembered refraining from Shihlin snacks for quite a while because it was getting a little too gee-lat for me.

However, I have that for dinner almost every other day because it is about the most convenient stuff to get from where I am doing my work in the evenings! I wonder if NUS students really like Shihlin. =)

* gee-lat is a colloquial for something that’s too much or too extreme in taste 

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