I read about this much earlier on when it first got posted. Then I wasn’t quite sure of the whole story and thought that I’d hold my horses before commenting much on it. Then, I saw it on The Online Citizen… and subsequently from the AsiaOne website.

Trishaw man being bulliied by 3 Britons

So! It was real! The Britons should really be ashamed of themselves. How could they bully someone who was already trying so hard to make a living. Come on, if you think $15 bucks is too much to pay for it, then don’t bother taking it in the first place. Hello? It’s a trishaw, and there are 3 of you on it. How fast would you expect it to go anyway?

Oh man, this really made my blood boil. This uncle, 67-year-old Mr Lee Shee Lam, an old man. How could these 3 young guys do such a thing to an old man? And if this article doesn’t make your blood boil, maybe this would:

Sigh. This is also a reflection of the problems that Singapore might face in the future, when we start getting an aging population. Perhaps that’s why the government is pushing in a lot of policies with regards to your CPF? Oh well, that’s another story altogether.

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