I had been on the lookout for people who have had accidents, fell into the rivers, knocked down by the bus, found floating on the Singapore River and all since last week. No, I am not being morbid. It’s just that I am hoping that they can find Ryan’s body (yes, I am assuming that he’s no longer with the living) and I can move on with my life.

It’s kind of strange that my life had been revolving around someone that I hardly knew but yet, he was someone whom I handed the trust of my kittens to. Many have came up to me and asked why I left the kittens in his care. Well, it was because I was going overseas and had to leave the cats in the care of someone trustable or had experience with pets. Ryan apparently had a dog (now I don’t even know how true that is), and he was fine with looking after them for me. So, that was it. I didn’t even hand over until it was less than 12 hours before my flight departure.

Maybe I’ll do a poster for my kittens later too. 3 weeks have passed. I’m sure they have grown up a little more if they were still alive.

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