Models in a box

Singapore November 2nd, 2007

I was meeting my friend for dinner, who was early and queueing up at the eternally long New York, New York Restaurant at Citylink Mall, when she pointed out that there were models in the “box”. The first thing that came to my mind was the event that was held the week before about using ST701 for their services and not having to literally leave your house. So they had Miss Singapore World 2006 Colleen Francisca to stay in a glass home for about a week – just to prove that ST701 can provide for everything.

Models @ Citylink Mall

Well, today was slightly different. The models weren’t there to showcase any services, but rather, for Canon’s new range of cameras and printers. Being the kaypoh Singaporean that I am, I went up to one of the “boxes” and gestured to the models that I’d be taking a picture of them. However, as I wasn’t using a Canon camera, but my O2 Zinc (which I am still trying to sell), they seemed to give me the cold shoulder. Sigh.

Models @ Citylink Mall Close-up

Anyway, it’s interesting that companies are using live models as opposed to mannequins. I guess it isn’t cheap to hire them to stay in the box for x hours, but I think it’s a rather novel way of doing things – at least in Singapore. However, I do pity the models who have to stay in the boxes. The good thing is that, there are at least 2 in each box, so time should pass quite fast.

I’m not sure if it’s an effective way though because I didn’t notice them until my friend pointed them out to me. Haha… I guess I was too preoccupied figuring out what to eat. Haha… more on that later. =)

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