While the general feel that I get is that people don’t really like to read/subscribe to straitstimes.com, but I thought this might be of interest to those who do.

Apparently, all Starhub Hubbers (that is, you subscribe to all 3 services – MaxOnline, CableTV and Starhub Mobile) are able to enjoy free access to straitstimes.com for 1 month by registering at http://creative.asiaone.com/2007/IA/hubclub_IA071024/. If you are surfing free pages at straitstimes.com, you may also have come across the following image:

Free straitstimes.com access for Starhub Hubbers

So, if you are contemplating about trying out straitstimes.com, you may want to try this out. Terms and conditions may apply – and I have not read it. Do read it first, especially the fine prints, before signing up. =)

Disclaimer: This is not a PayPerPost and Simply Jean is not affiliated with Starhub nor Straits Times.

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