library@orchard look out for new titlesI have a habit of keeping the best for last in a meal – just like the fried wanton of the wanton mee, or the hums (cockles) in the laksa, or finishing everything else (leafy vegetable, potato, carrots) except the main dish (ahh…. like fois gras… yum yum, slurp!)… and I believe that the best is yet to be at the library@orchard.

If you take a look at the programme listing for the library@orchard, there are still talks and workshops going on throughout the month, including a film screening on the 24th November 2007. It is still a fantastic place to have a laid back Sunday against the backdrop of rushing water, coupled with slow jazzy music to make it the perfect weekend getaway from work and studies. =)

In addition, there’s still Galilee that serves out helpings of sandwiches and drinks, to complement a casual browse of the books from the library; but above all, it’s a good place to hang out with some friends for a slow and easy day – that’s what Mr Said, a frequent user at the library@orchard likes to do.

“I like to hang out here at the library to catch up on the news”, said Mr Said, who frequents the library during lunch time. “It’s very convenient and I can come here with my colleagues too.” He found out about the impending closure from the papers and felt that it was really a shame that the library had to close as that meant not having anywhere else to frequent or to catch up during his free time.

Like Mr Said, Sharon also knew about the closure from the papers. She frequents the library as it was centralised and near to Kinokuniya – a Japan-based bookstore that operates on the 3rd level of the same building. “It’s a bit sad that they can’t maintain it and it’s probably down to cost”. Sharing the same sentiments as Mr Said, the closure of the library will mean lesser visits to the other libraries because she feels that the Central Lending Library, located along Victoria Street, is too far to travel from where she currently resides.

However, not everyone are knew about the impending closure. Andreana and her friend, both preparing for their O-levels this year, were surprised by news of the library’s closure at the end of the month. They had been using the library@orchard for their school work and preparations of the examinations since their N-levels and both expressed disbelief by the news.

“It’s really a surprise because we do not know about it. They should really keep this place.”

However, unlike Mr Said and Sharon, they would be looking for an alternative library to study at, such as the Bishan Community Library, although they will miss the centralised location that the library@orchard now enjoys.

While most may miss the library@orchard while it transits to a new location, users like Pamela, who also frequents the library feels that all the libraries have similar facilities and it may not matter which library she uses. Pamela intends to frequent the Central Lending Library when the library@orchard ceases operations as it is the most convenient and nearest to where she is currently residing.

When told of plans to have a library at the *scape youth park next to Cineleisure, all expressed interests of possibly bringing their reading habits to the new branch. However, this would also depend on the segment of readers that the National Library Board intends to target. There are also plans to have another library within the town area, which when completed in 2010, may have a total space 1.5 times that of the current library.

The library@orchard was opened on 21st October 1999 and was the first “niche lifestyle” outlet and aimed to revive reading among youth. Come 30th November, all collections will be redistributed to the Central Lending Library as well as the library@esplanade before the lease expires in February 2008.

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  1. Ivan Chew | November 4th, 2007 at 9:42 pm

    Thanks for this report, Jean. I like how you’ve interviewed the readers and in doing so, informed those who didn’t know about the closure. And it’s useful from the library’s point of view to know what alternative library outlets some users might be using.

  2. Jillian | November 5th, 2007 at 2:11 pm

    I wonder if people really think all libraries are the same? What’s your opinion if every library (of the same size) had exactly the same books? Just wondering lah…

    Btw, i noticed you have missing kittens.. as a cat-lover myself (i have 2), it’s quite traumatising!

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  5. Jillian | November 21st, 2007 at 12:28 am

    Hi Jean, actually the collections will most probably b redistributed to libraries in the “Central Region” (not necessarily just Central Lending and library@esplanade)…

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