Christmas plans?

Personal November 5th, 2007

Was thinking about writing a post on songs and ageing, but somehow lost steam half-way. So, what do you usually do in these instances? Do you save as draft and continue on a new post? I guess that, for most people who are on wordpress and blogspot, this is a common – and probably the most sensible thing to do.

However, I deleted the post for 2 reasons:

  1. I’m not sure when I’d be writing on that topic again
  2. My drafts list is overcrowded

Anyway, what’s past is past. So, where was I? Ah… yes, Christmas plans.

Christmas is usually a time of either solitary, or going to church that Christmas morning or taking part in some choir that goes from house to house to sing. I used to be very enthusiastic about that. However, somewhere along the way, I guess I lost the energy to do so. I’d probably still like to be part of a musical production – like what I did some years back. It was tiring but fun! =)

So, what are my Christmas plans this year? Christmas, for me, is a good time to get meet up with my friends and to enjoy a nice get-together dinner. I used to open up my place for my friends and it’d be potluck with the usual stuffs – ham, turkey, log cake, potato salad, puffs and pasta! Yum yum…

Anyone game for a get-together this year? =)

PS: Actually I don’t think anyone will reply, except, perhaps, 1.

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