New view from my 2nd office

Daily November 5th, 2007

Starbucks - makan setNay… I don’t really have an office, but I didn’t manage to get any of my usual seats today, so I just make do with whichever seat I could find; and no, I am not an insurance agent. =P In fact, I don’t even call it my office, but somebody decided that it is. Oh well…

It’s really a nice place to sit down and get some serious work done (no, not the one with the test tubes) – nice ambience, good tea (yes, I drink the tea – Tall sized Tazo Chai Tea Latte, more foam, less milk, 4 pumps Chai with chocolate powder sprinkled on top) and so far, they hadn’t chased me out yet, so that is quite important.

Back to my new view… so yes, this is the new view that I have from my “office”.

Starbucks - a new perspective! (stack)

Yup, apparently this corner is probably the best corner, although there is a Bose speaker blasting away and self-adjusting its volume over my head throughout the entire duration. Today was the start of their new Christmas pies! And I helped myself to one of those (which supposedly stops selling by 2nd January 2008). It looked so nice that I was tempted (and succumbed) to taking a bite from it.

 Starbucks - corn beef pie!

Oh well, sorry for the missing part. It looked too good to resist. =P It’s going for $5 and apparently there were only 2 when I arrived. Yes, I got both of it. I guess that should be a good testament (sorry if you are vegetarian or if you refrain from beef).

Anyway, now that you know where I usually hang out, do feel free to drop by! Haha… some company would be nice sometimes.

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