It’s been quite a while since I last had horrible nightmares and when I have them, they are usually violent and bloody. Literally. I had one of those last night. I do not usually keep nightmare diaries, but the one I had yesterday was interesting (yes, nightmares can sometimes be interesting… just that it was really bloody).

I was living the dream (pun unintended) – in that, I was a character in my own dream (as opposed to viewing it from a 3rd person perspective), and I was initially in this tunnel, constantly searching for something (but I can’t remember what).

I was able to do stuffs like jumping onto walls and bouncing off walls onto the ceiling – cool stuffs that you can do as if you were in the Matrix movie. Then there was a “screen change”. The next thing I knew, I was supposed to marry someone. This guy is some big sized guy and for some reason, he stabbed himself in his chest and started bleeding. Apparently, there was some fight going on.

The last thing I knew before I woke up was someone asking me if I am going to “marry” him, and I had a bo-bian attitude. Hmm… what a weird dream.

* bo-bian – colloquial for having no choices

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