Starbucks - day 2 viewYup, it’s back to the office on a Tuesday evening with a new seat and a new view! Heh heh… Met up with 2 guys (unnamed) for a project discussion before they head off shopping for a bag. Hmm… that didn’t sound quite right, did it?

Today’s a slow day indeed. No pies, no puffs. Just good ol’ plain Tazo Chai Tea Latte with more foam, less milk and 4 pumps of Chai. Or so I thought. Sitted at the entrance was a lady with a MacBook Pro. Suddenly, I realised how good (I am resisting the use of the word “sexy”) a lady looks with a MacBook Pro! Really makes me feel like getting one.

Anyway, I was supposed to talk about my tea, ain’t I?

Starbuck - tea, not the lady

So, here’s a view from where I was seated. No, the lady wasn’t meant to be in the shot, but somehow, she ended up being in it. Serious.

Hmm… ladies with MacBook Pro do look good. Really good.

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  1. Tianhong | November 7th, 2007 at 12:34 am

    Hey a MacBook, without the pro, looks equally sexy in glossy white. Downside is I also had a hard time trying to maintain the condition. A lot of extra care needs to be done to keep it from scratches(already spending close to $200 on accessories). Parts of it is already turning yellowish. Sigh

  2. Kelly | November 7th, 2007 at 12:20 pm

    Makes me want to go get one mac too.

    I is bimbo.

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