I got this call yesterday morning from someone who was calling from some Global Travel agency. At the other end of the line was this lady who spoke Mandarin in a heavily Chinese slang that sorts of identifies herself as someone from China. No, I don’t have anything against people from China, it’s just that:

  1. It’s a cold call
  2. It’s a call at 11am (it’s not even lunch time yet)
  3. She started off being a little too enthusiastic

After ensuring that she’s speaking to the correct person, she started rattling off, “你有去过香港迪斯尼乐园吗?” (translated: have you been to Hong Kong’s Disneyland?). This immediately rang all the bells and whistles sirens and “time share” started appearing all over my view.

I think I did the most dirty thing next. I pretended not to understand Mandarin. I spoke in English that I do not understand what she’s saying and if she could repeat it in English. For some reason, she couldn’t and after a few tries, she said “sony” (sic; she probably meant “sorry”) and hang up.

Well, I could have given up a fantastic offer to see HongKong’s Disneyland, or that the travel agency that she’s working in really had a good deal. However, with all the news going around about scams and all, and with my pockets hitting an all-time low, I probably can’t afford to go there anyway.

I hope whoever that got the offer have got a good deal. =)

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