I got this call yesterday morning from someone who was calling from some Global Travel agency. At the other end of the line was this lady who spoke Mandarin in a heavily Chinese slang that sorts of identifies herself as someone from China. No, I don’t have anything against people from China, it’s just that:

  1. It’s a cold call
  2. It’s a call at 11am (it’s not even lunch time yet)
  3. She started off being a little too enthusiastic

After ensuring that she’s speaking to the correct person, she started rattling off, “你有去过香港迪斯尼乐园吗?” (translated: have you been to Hong Kong’s Disneyland?). This immediately rang all the bells and whistles sirens and “time share” started appearing all over my view.

I think I did the most dirty thing next. I pretended not to understand Mandarin. I spoke in English that I do not understand what she’s saying and if she could repeat it in English. For some reason, she couldn’t and after a few tries, she said “sony” (sic; she probably meant “sorry”) and hang up.

Well, I could have given up a fantastic offer to see HongKong’s Disneyland, or that the travel agency that she’s working in really had a good deal. However, with all the news going around about scams and all, and with my pockets hitting an all-time low, I probably can’t afford to go there anyway.

I hope whoever that got the offer have got a good deal. =)

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  1. spyer | November 6th, 2007 at 4:35 pm

    Wah, you let her talk for so long. I cut the line off in 2 seconds after hearing the caller’s accent and greeting.

    The question is how do they get our numbers. There may be a scam here, the bigger crime is who “sell” or “steal” our handphone numbers. Notice that this kind of thing did not happen much to residential land lines which you can get from printed phonebooks, only to handphone users.

    Handphone numbers are not readily available unless the users somehow exposed their numbers to the public which the scammers can collect. Most of us do not do that. Only telcos have all the handphone numbers and their customers’ details. I think that the scammers may have the numbers only as they did not greet their victims by name.

    So now, who and how?

  2. Simply Jean | November 6th, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    @spyer: haha… because she addressed me by my name, so I wanted to see what it’s all about. She (or the travel agency) probably got my name from contest forms somewhere.

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