… and simplyjean may vanish forever.

Has anyone tried upgrading from WP 2.1 to WP 2.3.1 directly? I can’t seem to run the backup plugin that comes with WP 2.1… and that kinda makes life rather difficult. Hmm… looking at the [UpgradeĀ to 2.3.1] link now. To upgrade or not to upgrade? That’s the question…

Actually the main thing that made me want to upgrade is that whenever people link back to my blog, it doesn’t show in the comments section. My comments section only reflect comments that people made on my blog. I thought I enabled all the pingbacks and what nots. Am I missing something here?

PS: I am trying to test out my trackbacks and pingbacks… apparently, the more I read, the more confused I became =S

PPS: Okie… my second attempt at testing the pingback

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