I forgot my birthday…

Personal November 9th, 2007

I totally forgot about my birthday. Haha… I had been so busy with studies and work that it totally slipped my mind until my friends mentioned to me about it. Actually, 1 or 2 people had been saying that my birthday is coming… but it always seemed so far away that I brushed it aside and totally forgetting about it.

Well, the good thing this year is that… it’s next Tuesday. Yes, it’s the 13th November… but you know, I sort of stopped celebrating it after I reached some undisclosed age and that’s probably when all your friends either go overseas for further studies or start working somewhere, and somehow, everyone just disappears. Well, maybe I really don’t have any friends after all.

So, what am I going to do this year? Frankly, I have no plans. It’s probably just 4 days away… but I thought it’s really kinda silly of me to go buy some cake and getting people to celebrate with you. It’s just so… erm… don’t really know how to describe it.

I remembered there was once (I can’t remember when), when my circle of friends will start planning for someone else’s birthday when it’s approaching – and it sort of became a routine, especially when some friends in the circle are not really cliquish with the birthday boy/girl, but everyone had to go because it was already a “custom” of sorts… I mean, it feels funny though. Hmm…

So what would I like to do this year? Erm, I can either

  1. Join the ping.sg gathering next Tuesday that’s close to cancellation
  2. Hope for some friends to celebrate with me (don’t know who will ask)
  3. Get a few friends to have dinner with (don’t know who to ask)
  4. Do none of the above, and just pack my stuffs after school and go back to pig out (safest, best option with zero expectations)
  5. Stay at home and blog more

If you were me, which option will you chose? =)

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