Today seems like a rather peaceful day in Singapore except maybe for the following:

  • Ren Ci probe – don’t really know what started this; but a friend of mine is wondering if churches will be involved in the future
  • NMP Thio getting a second letter – someone thought that the other possibility is that she’s riding on the waves and gaining more publicity; but I highly think that’s not really possible, since she isn’t much of a favourite within the gay community anyway
  • Drop in NUS ranking – but it’s still an elite university in Singapore anyway; NTU is too far away and SMU is not ranked
  • Dispute over Pedra Branca – which pretty much reminds me of Christmas Island, which was “sold” to Australia for 2.9 million pounds in 1957; is this why Singapore is now fighting so hard for Pedra Branca?
  • More PRs and citizens – how does this affect you as a Singaporean?

Yup… that’s that’s pretty much there is today… Peaceful and quiet…

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