Well, if you did, then NUS will probably be overcrowded and NTU will really be empty. There are more things than to rankings of a university – sometimes, it’s just about finding a suitable place (according to your needs, academically or financially, amongst others), sometimes, it’s about knowing what the school has (in terms of facilities, the faculty and the administration and unions), and at other times, it’s about that gut feeling.

Moreover, there are various measures and criteria that a particular ranking system has – and this may not always reflect the performance of the university well. For instance, NTU may not be known for its science subjects, but it is known for its engineering subjects (although I am not sure if that’s still true now). If a particular ranking weighs more on the “overall” performance, the ranking of NTU might be pulled down – but this does not mean that NTU is not good for any faculties at all.

Take another example, LSE is probably a good place to study economics or finance, but probably not a right place for sciences? And harvard – probably a good business school but I’m not sure about its other areas. So you see, there’s more than just rankings.

If you are at a dilemma on where to go, you should go down to the school and take a look. If they have an open house, it’s a good time to mingle with the staff and students there to find out if the place is right for you. A university’s ranking is one thing, what’s more important is if it allows you to shine and to bring out your best.

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