This is apparently what was happening yesterday when motorists were caught by surprise, the new ERP gantry just before the PIE exit along the CTE. Drivers jammed break and caused havoc along the CTE, although no accidents had been recorded. Some drivers were also left stranded on the road shoulder in an attempt to beg other drivers to lend them their Cashcard.

ST - Lorry jamming break

I am not sure how much publicity had gone into alerting drivers of the change/addition in ERP charges/gantries – but this sort of scenario is really surprising – considering that such incidents were unheard of previously. Perhaps the LTA should not take for granted that everyone will know of the new changes in the future? People may just miss that particular hour radio news or paper if they happen to be busy. Repititions/reminders may be better in this case, although there may be more bad publicity. How bad can it get anyway?

By the way, is there such thing as a driver who is unwilling to pay when he’s already on the CTE in the evening? Hmm…

An Isuzu truck driver was one of those who slammed on the brakes suddenly as they approached the new Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry on the north-bound Central Expressway (CTE).

ST - Isuzu lorry jamming break

Caught by surprise by the new night-time ERP charge at the gantry sited after Jalan Bahagia’s exit ramp – which began operating on Monday evening – those unwilling to pay the fee or without CashCards have been causing havoc with their stunts.

The charge is either 50 cents or $1 from 5.30pm to 10.30pm.

The New Paper yesterday reported that one taxi driver stopped on the road shoulder meant for emergency vehicles and begged other motorists to let him use their CashCard.

At least 20 cars seeking to avoid paying were spotted waiting on the road shoulder on Tuesday, hoping in vain that the gantry display indicating ERP in effect would go off soon. These motorists caused a jam.

Some just slammed on their brakes on seeing that the gantry was in operation.

The Land Transport Authority said 2,046 motorists were caught violating the ERP rules on Monday.

They either passed under the gantry without a CashCard in their in-vehicle units (IUs) or had insufficient funds on their cards.

On the CTE, about 10,000 vehicles per hour were counted heading north in the evening peak hours last year.

This is about three times the volume on most arterial roads.

Driving under a gantry without a CashCard inserted into the IU or an insufficient balance on the card brings the motorist an ‘administrative charge’ of $10 plus the ERP charge evaded.

Article retrieved from on 10th November 2007; original, unedited photo by Chew Sing Kim

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