Referee kayu!

Singapore November 12th, 2007

Where can you find people shouting “referee kayu!!!”, “P-fam”, “T-fem”, “Defend”, “Boooo!” and “Yes! Yes!” coming together? What sport do you think it is? Want to make a guess? Okie.. if you guessed football (soccer), rugby, hockey, volleyball, netball, captain’s ball, softball, baseball… then you are almost right. Right in the sense that there are balls in these games. Not so right in the sense that you are talking about the wrong balls.

I found that at the Singapore Indoor Stadium today – for the Singapore Slingers vs Adelaide 36ers basketball match.

Slingers - tickets

For a start, I was late – and so missed most of the first period of the game, but not before witnessing some shots from the Slingers! Frankly, their performance exceed my expectation because I didn’t know that Singapore had a national basketball team – and one that could really shoot!

Slingers - 1 shot in

After the second period, there was an intermission and we were ushered to the VIP lounge where I got to chat a little with Hillary, Nic, Andy (?), Sabrina and MissCel – but being the shy (ahem) person that I am, I didn’t really talk much.

Slingers - CIP lounge

Ash also came by and talked about listing the bloggers from the Slinger’s website for reciprocal exposure – for the bloggers to get exposure from their site visitors; and for bloggers to introduce the sport to people who do not know about the Slingers.

Slingers - food

Soon after, the match started and we went back to the seats to continue with the game. Slingers and the 36ers got off to a close game during the 3rd period, with beautiful shots from Grizzard (27), Janev (22) and Knight (16). Whenever the Slingers got the ball, the spectators will cheer them on, while the 36ers got boos… and lots of them to. Haha, I have never attended an international game before and was taken slightly aback by the overwhelming boos. However, this shows some unity within the Singapore supporters – at least we are united for something. 😉

Do check out the video for a segment of the match! If Youtube is messing up with my video segment again, let’s hope some photos will make up for it for the time being. =)

Slingers - Screenshots 1 (3)

And more coming up too! =)

Slingers - Screenshots 2 (2) 

In the 4th period, however, the performance of the Slingers seemed to drop and the gap began to widen from 0 to 3 to 5, then 7 to 9 and finally 20 points apart. However, the Singapore supporters never gave up and kept shouting “Defend! Defend!” when the opponents got the ball.

There was at least 2 instances when we thought the referee kayu’d. First was when the Slinger apparently back-courted (most people didn’t see it, but it could have happened) and everyone was surprised. However, the game went on. The second time was when there was apparently a hand-checking foul, but the referee blew the whistle only after the basketball shot by the 36er didn’t manage to go in – which I thought was wrong. Isn’t the referee supposed to blow the whistle at the point where the hand-checking happened and not after the attacker failed to score a shot?

I may not be a basketball pro, but… hmm… it just didn’t seem right.

At the end of the game, the 36ers led the game by 111-93, a 19 point difference. While most of the spectators and the 36ers themselves feel that the “match point” came at the 4th period, the Slinger coach felt that the entire game was off to a wrong start for the Slingers. Nonetheless, they now have 4 away games before coming back for a home game on the 2nd December, where you bet I’ll be attending. 😉

And oh, did I mention that Mr Merlion was there too? Heh heh…. (^_^)”‘

Slinger - merlion

Special thanks goes to Nic Aaron Khoo for the corporate tickets (and the VIP treatment we received as a result). The game was a good experience and I was glad I went for it.

Go for it, Slingers!!!

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