I was planning on the route to the Indoor Stadium from town and decided to go via AYE, ECP and exit from Fort Road. The journey was rather smooth, and all was well… until I was approaching the Fort Road exit.

Suddenly, there was not 1, not 2, not even 3 road signs (did that sound familiar?) There were 5 road signs – Fort road, KPE (PIE Jurong), KPE (PIE Changi Airport), something Road and something Road; and I got totally confused. In the end, I drove into the dreaded KPE.

Driving into the KPE is so surreal. Firstly, everything was so new, I wasn’t even sure if the road was even open. However, as I began my descent, my suspicions were confirmed – the road looked like it was never meant to be opened! Thank goodness I spotted a slow moving vehicles in the distant with some other cars and taxis. Now, we all know that slow vehicles are good “targets” for overtaking because they are notoriously slow; but I noticed a really strange phenomenal. All the cars were almost as slow as the slow vehicle!

Ah! Eureka! Welcome to the KPE!

Do you remember about LTA boasting of the 3,400 speedsters who were caught in 6 days? Well, yes. Perhaps after that incident, more people were afraid to drive at any speed about 60km/h! I kid you not. Do you remember of all those speculations that there is a tolerance buffer in speed cameras? I was told that for a 70km/h road with a speed camera, you can probably travel at 80 km/h safely without worrying about being caught. However, since the LTA is using laser cameras in the KPE, many were not sure if the tolerance is still there. In addition, people like myself got a little paranoid and wondered if my tachometer is faulty.

Yes, I belong to those people that drives 65 km/h on a 70 km/h road. *bows in apology*

Anyway, as I was saying, the drive through the tunnel was surreal. I was looking high and low for the speed limit sign as well as the speed camera sign. After travelling for what seemed like 1/2 the journey into the tunnel, I still didn’t see any sign, nor camera. Then it came – in BIG ORANGE LEDS! Please Do Not Speed.

Heh. I think they are just being too courteous. I don’t really think they need to say please. They just need to say “Do Not Speed” with an implied meaning of “else you would be fined and given demerit points”.

Still… there was no sign. Yet.

As I was approaching the light at the end of the tunnel, I finally see it. The Sign. The sign that has the ability to slap you with the fines and points. However, since I was driving, I couldn’t snap any picture of it, although I saw a lot of suspicious looking cameras – not know which is for what purpose.

I finally drove out of the tunnel but didn’t have much time to think if I should head towards PIE Jurong or PIE Changi. Phew! It was a very scary experience, and frankly, driving at 60 70km/h is really too slow for the tunnel. Maybe they should really consider it.

Meanwhile, don’t speed ya? That’s a lot of money we are talking about. =P

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