Yes, many many moons ago, a girl was born – born to change the world that one day, there would be world peace! =P

Today, she’s doing just that! By blogging. Well, not really change the world yet… but just hoping that she’d be able to. One day. Just like the characters in the show Heroes!

Thanks for all the well-wishes so far! I heard from the little bird in the vineyards that there is a gathering at Geek Terminal today (13th November 2007)  at 7pm. Do come down and join us if you can. =) No need to bring anything but I can’t pay for your drinks though. Kekeke… You know lah… students are very poor. Kekeke…

See ya guys there! 😉

PS: Okie… I feel quite funny posting this portion up but since a few people asked… if you really want to get something… erm, birthday cards would be nice… hehehe… ya, and if you feel that it’s not sincere enough, please write more stuffs inside the card =P Haha…

PPS: And oh… since it’s my birthday today, this post shall remain sticky for 1 day =P

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