It’s not everyday that I get to meet my blog readers… so I guess today is a special day afterall! Lunch was supposed to be lazily tucked away in the concrete jungle of Shenton Way – but the jungle was so dense that I got lost in it! Can you believe it? Lost in Singapore?! I’d be a laughing stock if the whole world knows about it… (^_^)”‘

Anyway, I finally gave up trying to be smart and gave my lunch mate a call… so, instead of having it and the new and modern Icon (where’s that actually?), I ended up eating next to a petrol station! No kidding! I really ate next to the Shell petrol station… at the Han’s Restaurant next to it, that is.

The first comment that I got was… “wow, you are really tall!”. Oh well… haha… ya. Actually I am not the tallest amongst my friends… kinda considered short actually, but yes… So we headed into the restaurant, and the blur queen that I am, I just followed, not know if there’s going to be a seat inside and secretly hoping that it’d be full.

So, lo and behold, there was indeed a table that’s free and next to the window. I’d say that the seat was literally hard because it looked like unpolished granite that I was sitting on. Heh heh… Does it seem like I am complaining a lot? Nay, actually it was good… and I didn’t even take note of the restaurant when I walked past it early on because it looked too atas from outside, and as my blog reader put it “… and then you are so disappointed when you realise that it’s like that…”. Heh heh… I didn’t say that. =P

2007 birthday - lunch menu

Being Han’s, it meant that we had to get our own menu and order our own food. I was torn between ordering Bacon Carbonara and Fish and Chips (because the latter is the safest thing around and it comes in a set). After much deliberation, I thought I’d just give Bacon Carbonara a shot.

While waiting for the food to come, we talked about the recent posts I wrote about Singapore, and whether I am anti-establishment. Well, to set the record straight, I’m actually not anti-establishment if the establishment is doing a good job. As per my previous post, I just feel that the government is a little detached from the people. I think the Chinese have a saying for this – it’s call 山高皇帝远, meaning the mountains are high and the emperor is far, denoting a situation where the people’s cries are not heard by the head that runs the country. I also shared my views about the ERP – where I think it’s just like Windows – a patch/hotfix job; where if it doesn’t work as well, or if it has some faults, all you have to do is to run a patch – like raising ERP rates or extending the hours or just simply building more gantries.

Of course, there was also the issue or fear of my readers knowing more about me than I know of them. Well, not really, I’d think, partly because the readers know as much as what we blog about ourselves – and there are still topics/issues that we can choose not to talk about. So, it’s does feel like, to a certain extent, there’s some control over this. Unless you are talking about a stalker – a physical one, then that’s scary.

Depressing topics, huh?

Well, thank goodness the food came in time to break the sombre mood. =P Mine… looks plain – very “han-ly”, but it looks good nonetheless. At least the bacon pieces were obvious, quite unlike, ahem, the one that I got from NY,NY. Actually the NY,NY staff/manager was quite nice, it’s just that the food… hmm… just can’t make it. At least for the aglio olio.

2007 birthday - lunch

The carbonara was quite good. You could almost taste the sauce and cheese and the bacon! Woooo… the bacon was good! Nice, big and juicy! Every bite boasts the senses in your mouth as you crave for the next. Okie… maybe I was just exaggerating, but the food is really quite decent. More importantly, the company was good. =)

We also talked about other stuffs that was never meant to be blogged about – like the Nuffnang issue, Advertlets, how the bloggers are paid, how money is generated, and my personal opinion about putting up ads on my blogs and commercialising it. Well, for a start, the blog wasn’t meant to be a source of income, although *ahem* accidental sources of income is good to help defray the cost of hosting it. No one put a knife at my throat to register for a domain and neither did anyone threatening to slit my neck should I not host it. So, at the end of the day, having some extras is good, but I won’t say that I depend on it.

All good things must come to an end ya? As my blog reader said, he’s a salaried employee and had to get back to work. For me, I am a paying paid student and I have to get back to school. It was certainly quite an experience meeting up with friends who read my blog (yes, I’d consider my blog readers my blog friends – sounds nicer and less dividing), and even better to get their comments. I do look forward to having lunch again with my blog friends. =)

PS: Hmm… after this lunch blog, I wonder if anyone would still dare to ask me out for meals. =P

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