Apparently the security cameras in Great World City are fake. Yes, non-working dummy cameras that does not record anything at all. According to the letter sent to the online forum, a couple had their car damaged in the carpark, where their car was parked in a lot where a camera is supposedly facing it.

When they reported the matter to the security counter, they were told that the cameras are actually fake. The writer also added that “… And it is the same for the cameras in the shopping mall too… ” Is she referring that the other cameras in the buildings are not real too? How about the buildings or shopping centers that are ran by the same management?

Hmm… I suddenly don’t feel very safe…

Security guards claim cameras in Great World City carpark are dummies
LAST week, my husband went to Great World City for dinner.

Being a careful person, he deliberately chose a parking lot near a security camera.

When he went to fetch his car after dinner, he found that someone had knocked his car and that the culprit had already driven off.

My husband immediately headed to the guard room, hoping to trace the culprit from the security camera.

To his surprise, the guard said that all the security cameras in the carpark are dummies. Only the camera at the exit/entrance is real. And it is the same for the cameras in the shopping mall too.

The guard also told him that this issue had been brought up to management a long time ago but that nothing had been done.

Tan Hong Leng (Ms)

Article obtained from the online forum on 14th November 2007

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