Heh heh… to friends from ping.sg (miccheng, ridz, daphnemaia, claudia, felix, farinelli, dk, ntt, daniel, tianhong) who came down and my group of friends (steph, kelly, eddy, chin, lynn, jeff and alice) who came down comparatively early – a big thank you to all of you who made the occasion special; else I’d be in lab running my lab rats! =P

For a start, I was late… cos Jeff decided to get me a cake from Secret Receipe. =P Haha.. I didn’t know what was going to be written on the cake until it was opened up in Geek Terminal. When I arrived at GT, I was worried that I’d have problems running between 2 groups… it turned out quite ok, although I have to admit that I spent more time with my group of friends that friends of ping.sg. =( Sorry!!!

Thank goodness friends of ping.sg lived up to the name of GT… cos they brought gadgets and tech stuffs to live up to the title of Geek! Hehe… so much so that I was slightly intimidated by their techi-ness. Haha… and oh,  thanks to daphne for bringing me such lovely flowers!!! And you know what? I was so goon… I forgot to take a picture with daphne! Argh… =(

2007 birthday - flowers all 

Lovely flowers right? Sigh… sorry Daphne! Next time need to remind me =P I’m not called sotong for nothing =S

2007 birthday - dinner all

Dinner was a nice soft shell crab pasta (penne) with chilli crab sauce. Heh heh. The taste was fantastic – very much like chilli crab, except that the crab was soft shell. I had to make sure of that else I’d end up peeling shells! The mushroom soup was quite good, but Chin didn’t like his Geek Soup that much. =P He thinks it felt like can soup! =P

Apparently the kitchen took quite a long time to prepare the food – which felt pretty much like a french restaurant. Haha… the chef was supposed to be delicate with his food preparation so as to bring out the best flavour in his food. However, it didn’t turn out to be as good as we thought it’d be… and Kelly gave it the thumbs down…

2007 birthday - Kelly thumbs down 

Oops! Sorry GT, Kelly really doesn’t like your Carbonara. =( Even Eddy who have tasted it gave it the double thumbs down, however, he gave the thumbs up for the Soft Shell Crab Pasta that he ordered; so all’s not lost yet.

 2007 birthday - tea press

Oh, if you happen to order tea in GT, it is served in this dripper style mug, that drains the tea from the leaves. It was speculated that we’d have to wait for the tea to drip – just like coffee, but it turned out that you’d have to press a button on the lid so that the tea can be drained. I’m not sure how long we have to wait for the tea to drip – and whether it’d taste different, but I’m sure by then, the cows would have came home! Moo…

2007 Birthday - chin cutting cake

Soon, it was time to cut the cake! Thanks to Chin for helping to get the cake. Yes, it was really nice and yummy… especially if you are a chocolate person! Haha… and oh, Chin is now the official cake cutter for birthday celebrations! Heh heh. Did anyone do a video on his cutting? I think I don’t have it with me 😛

2007 birthday - chin licking knife

And oh, Chin also like to lick savour the cream on the knife! Haha… isn’t he enjoying it? =P

 2007 birthday - thank you

All good things have to come to an end, and it was really enjoyable to have the company of my friends from ping.sg and my friends from blogcon’05 whom I have known for 2 over years. We should do meetups more often, ya? =P Thanks everyone for coming down. You guys have really made my day! =) To the guys from ping.sg, hey, sorry that I didn’t get to spend much time with you guys. But there’s PHP forum today! Hehe… hope can see you guys there!

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