Blogosphere November 15th, 2007

I have just received my second blog ad from and I thought I’d write about my experience with them – even though it’s probably less than a month. I’d also highlight some difference working with them and with Adverlets and Nuffnang.

For a start, I have not cashed out anything from Advertlets and Nuffnang yet – reason being because I haven’t not reached the minimum sum of $50 yet (oh, I think I have enough now for Advertlets). So, should Advertlets or Nuffnang disappear from the face of the earth one day, I would probably say bye bye to any earnings from them. Nay, I don’t think they will disappear.

Anyway, there was soon a new kid on the block – I wasn’t entirely sure of their modus operandi, but suspected that it either worked like Advertlets, Nuffnang or AdSense; even PayPerPost. Nonetheless, since I had space (now rather crowded) on my sidebar, I signed up for it.

Soon after, I got an ad matched to me. It was an ad for Bak2U, which was the product that Paddy (the person behind was also selling. I wondered if it was a courtesy ad – meaning ads that’s purposely created so that unmatched blogs can also advertise and earn some from, but it did somehow seem like a legitimate ad so I placed it anyway. Afterall, I was paid for it, isn’t it? =P

The experience however, was a little different from Advertlets or Nuffnang – not that the latter 2 are no good, but because there is a nice lady behind that “Customer Service” email that seemed friendly, and not some robots or automated replies that one usually gets. However, I do understand that as a business grow, it might become more difficult to maintain this level of PR – so I can only wait and observe.

Soon after, the second ad came, which was for iShop. Cherry, the lady behind all the emails even apologised for the last minute requests for us to put up the ads! I think this is PR almost at its best! At least for me. I mean, I was already glad that I was matched but an apology for the last minute request? Hmm… is really too humble!

So, how does all these match up? I think Advertlets is tops when it comes to continued income – at least it seemed like I was earning everyday, and Nuffnang is good if you belong to the higher bands of their Campaign since they pay more per week. However, which is relatively new to the blog advertising scene, is really tops for their PR, if not on par with Advertlets (Josh, here’s to you!).

I didn’t quite follow the recent Nuffnang saga, although I think it’s got something to do with me losing a dollar when I withdraw, but I think all 3 have their good and bad points. There’s of course, some complains about advertising for free for Nuffnang with the “I serve Nuffnang Ads” logo, but… I’m not sure what else can they place there. I try to be objective in my views and not be stingy with my praises if they really deserve one. Of course, I’d also complain if they are overboard.

All in all, I think all 3’s pretty good, and is doing pretty well too. Keep it up, Paddy! And oh, Cherry, thanks for reading my blog. =P

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