Another Briton was charged in court for drunken behavior on board an SIA flight. His charges included the outrage of modesty of a flight stewardess, the use of a 4-letter word as well as assault on a flight steward. He apparently lost his contract job due to this incident.

He probably had a glass too many before he boarded the plane and was drunk 1 and 1/2 hours into the flight heading to Singapore from London. While such behavior could have come from anybody, the Britons had been getting too much bad press lately, especially for the Trishaw man incident.

A BRITON was fined a total of $5,000 on Wednesday for four offences on board a London-Singapore flight earlier this month.

Gareth Gaudion, 48, then a pipe designer with an oil company, admitted to using criminal force on a cabin crew, being drunk, molesting a flight attendant and using abusive words with intent to cause distress to a leading stewardess on board a Singapore Airlines plane on Nov 2.

A district court heard that Gaudion was seen behaving in a drunk manner and was shouting to the cabin crew, demanding for more alcoholic drinks 1 1/2 hours after take-off. He persisted when told to behave himself.

During the flight, he used his hand to brush the buttock of a 28-year-old leading stewardess. He also uttered a four-letter word which was overheard by another stewardess at the galley area.

Later on, he called out to a cabin crew member and demanded for more drinks. When the flight attendant said he could not serve him any more, Gaudion grabbed his shirt, pulled him towards him and then pushed him away.

Two other charges were taken into consideration.

Gaudion told the court that he had worked in London for three months, and was on his way to Indonesia to visit his wife. He had started drinking before boarding the flight.

He said he had lost his contract and apologised to the stewardess he molested and to the Singapore government.

Article obtained from on 15th November 2007

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