I was wondering why Orchard Road is so jam packed (actually I think it is jam packed every other day) when I saw the Christmas lightings! It’s really beautiful… here are some shots taken from a moving taxi =P

Xmas mood - lightings

Ya… the lights are a little wavy… but well, the taxi likes to jerk instead of stopping completely… =( More taxi photos!

Xmas mood - more lightings

Hehe… nice lightings right? But too bad it’s still a little blur. Oh well, Uncle was looking at me suspiciously, wondering if I could be the next terrorist… so I kept my camera quickly. =P

Xmas mood - beef pie

So, it was back to “the office” with beef pie and tea! Woohoo! I was having a crazy headache today because of lack of sleep. Well, some tea would definitely do some good 😉

Xmas mood - sample cake

Heh heh… the pie and that small piece of chocolate cakes looks good, doesn’t it? =) Ya… I like chocolate, especially dark chocolate… but I know of some who just doesn’t like the taste, so it’s individual preference.

Xmas mood - tea

And nothing’s quite complete without the usual Tazo Chai Tea, isn’t it? Oh well, seems like I am all ready for work, work and more work.

Jia you! =)

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