Feeling a little tired…

Personal November 16th, 2007

Hmm… lethargy must be catching up with me, especially after doing some early morning blogging using Windows Live Writer. Heh… I’m still using it now, seemingly unaware of any hiccups that it can possibly bring about.

The only pet peeve that I have is that, while I can upload files and photos onto WordPress, I seemingly have to upload Video to youtube before I can get the URL and then plug it back in into WordPress. I’m secretly hoping that there is some effective plug-in that I can use to host the video on my own blog.

Anyway, back to why I am feeling a little tired. Well, today’s not generally a good day for me because I tried getting my passport sized photos taken, and they sux. Big time. I probably don’t like to take photos because wherever they go, the photo marks you for life.

Oh well, I hope the camera back home can do something better. That probably means lots of photoshop and editing. Haha… then again, if a person is ugly, no amount of photoshop’ing is going to help.

Hmm… come to think of it, today’s probably going to be the last day that I can wake up later on a weekday. Come Monday, I’m going to a brand new place. It’s just that people move… and well, sometimes it just needs a little bit of getting used to it.

Now, now, wasn’t I supposed to finish up my report? Sigh. It’s a Friday, and you know how Fridays are like, don’t you? Laid-back, relaxed, thanking god for it (TGIF)… then again, it’s also when some of my other work starts.

Sigh. I need some life.

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