I was wondering what all the commotion was about when I decided to check it out for myself… and hey hey! 见鬼了! What happened to the Nuffnang website?! Many thoughts began to flash through my mind… my money! I have not withdrawn my money! It’s all gone! And to think that I was just blogging that they will not disappear overnight! How could this have happened?

I couldn’t feel my feet anymore… It was totally numb. *Regret regret* My fingers… my fingers! Thank goodness I can still move them. I cautiously moved the cursor over to the address bar again and typed in character by character… N-U-F-F-N-A-N-G-.-C-O-M-.-S-G … Enter!

Argh! The site was bought over by another company! This is all I see now….


Oh wait, isn’t this Nuffnang too? Hey, they changed their layout and everything else! Wow! That’s totally awesome! Okie… I haven’t really been through everything yet, so I am assuming that it’s working. =P

So I tried updating my long-gone forgotten blog name… and it returned an error: Blog URL exists in Database…


Still a little buggy ya? Heh heh… I just wanted to change my blog name – perhaps something that the Nuffnang team can look into? Speaking of Nuffnang, has anyone seen Nannywen recently? *goes check her blog* Yup, she’s still around. Heh heh…

So, some of the improvements includes not having to click on that Login button any more (I tend to use Enter a lot more often then clicking on the button), and the layout looks… cool!

Hmm… competition is gearing up between the advertisers ya?

PS: Oh, did I mention that I *love* their Ajax integration?

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