This is another case of reading the fine prints, which I am not sure if there is, since I have not been down. However, according to Best Denki, the lowest price guarantee apparently applies ONLY TO BEST CARD HOLDERS, and not to any other people who patronise the store!

Goodness! So their lowest price guarantee COMES WITH A CONDITION! Hmm, now I am starting to wonder if the so-called lowest price guarantee is the same for Courts or other places that guarantees that.

This is really news to me.

Lowest-price guarantee open only to Best Card members

WE REFER to Mr Reshma Sangappa’s letter, ‘Camera bought because of lowest-price-guarantee tag, but sold cheaper elsewhere’ (Online forum, Nov 13).

We would like to advise Mr Reshma that the prices of cameras in our stores follow the vendors’ recommended retail price. This is consistent with the message in our advertisements and promotional materials.

However, we do guarantee the lowest price for our Best Card members when they make purchases at our stores using the Best Card. The terms and conditions are available in the Best Card application form with regard to the price guarantees.

We hope that we have clarified the matter and should the writer have any other queries, he may write to me at

Clara Yap (Ms)

Senior Executive Officer – Public Relations

Best Denki (S) Pte Ltd

Article obtained from on 17th November 2007

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