I woke up really late today; actually once at about 8:45am, then 10am then 1pm. Hoohoo… I think it’s because I am sick. Oh well. Oh, did I mention that I got my blood test results back? Well, everything seems ok… just that it’s at the lower limit’s borderline – so that means having to watch everything again and another blood test 6 months later. Oh well…

Just took my passport photo just now. Hehe… looks quite good, but probably have to do some PP (post-processing). I hope it can be good enough for Monday. =)

I’ll be going back home to collect my letters and then perhaps to the clinic to see my skin doctor. Ran out of facial wash. Yup… I had quite sensitive skin, which is why you’d seldom find me in makeup. It’s quite a chore cleaning up after that. =P

Then it’s back to office for me! Woohoo! Seems like a pack day today. =P Do come down and join me if you have some time to spare, ya? =P

Kk.. gotta go, tata!

PS: Hmm… I wonder which Starbucks Min-tea is at now…

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